How to #Win at Hashtags Every. Single. Time.

#selfie. #nofilter. #followme. We generally associate hashtags with pictures found on Instagram of people in their teens or early 20s trying to be artistic. They attach strings of oddly specific or overly generalized terms and phrases to these pictures to connect to...

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15 Best Practices for Blog Titles

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You’ve heard that all your life. But no matter how many times you hear it, does it ever really alter your habits? If you walked into a bookstore right now with no particular book in mind - just browsing - what would you do? You would...

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7 Ways to Appeal to Your Audience Through Social Media 

Your company has finally decided to jump on the social media bandwagon.  You’ve talked about who your goal viewers are and how often you want to post. You’ve probably also discussed the breadth of content you want to create and topics.  With a schedule mapped out and...

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Making Your Homepage Work for You

  As much as we’re told not to do it, everyone still judges a book by its cover. In the wide world of the internet, your homepage is the equivalent. It’s the first thing the user sees when they search for you, which means it’s their first impression of your site;...

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Social Media Management Tools: Getting Started

Streamline Your Business’s Social Media Management Social media management tools are apps and software designed to help individuals and businesses streamline their social media management. These tools range from dashboards to scheduling assistants to social-listening...

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Creating SMART Goals for Your Social Media Plan

Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based Social Media Goals Your business’s social media presence is part of your overall marketing strategy, and part of that strategy involves setting social media goals and achieving them. Without setting goals...

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Tracking Your Marketing Success with Google Analytics

Ensure Marketing Effectiveness by Analyzing Your Strategies You’ve made significant changes to your marketing strategies in order to bring more visitors to your website. You write weekly blog posts with targeted keywords. You are paying—weekly—for boosted and targeted...

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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Y2K Called. It Wants Your Website Back. If you’re old enough to remember what websites looked like in the late ‘90s, you probably recall how text heavy and full of gross fonts they were. Fast forward into the early 2000s and you’ve got the height of Adobe Flash, the...

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Facebook Marketing: Just Do It

Is Facebook Advertising Worth the Money? Yep. Remember the good old days when you could have a business page on Facebook and your followers would see your posts for free? It seems like a distant memory at this point, but the future is here and Facebook found an...

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