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You shouldn’t have to know it all.

Your focus is on knowing, manufacturing, and selling your product – it’s your forte. Marketing your presence digitally and designing a website, however, is not.

It’s not something you should be required to know, but your online viewers and potential clients expect you to do it – and to do it well.

And that’s why Bitboyz Digital is here.

We specialize in digital marketing for Cleveland businesses in the manufacturing industry. Our team covers a score of concepts merged into one cohesive package that’s designed to deliver your brand clearly across every platform:

– Web Design

– SEO Content & Development

– Email Marketing

– Pay-per-click (PPC) & Adwords

– Social Media Management

– Graphic Design

– Video Production & Photography


Too many manufacturers are dealing with outdated websites. You could be struggling with a site using a complicated layout or dead links, or maybe it hasn’t been evaluated in years.

It’s not uncommon for manufacturing industry websites and pages to be upwards of ten years old – and what was working four or five years ago is now considered cumbersome and challenging to navigate on today’s devices, if it even works.

Difficult navigation kills conversions.

Most potential clients will check out your website before ever contacting you, so it is critical to have a website which is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maneuver. Half of all web users say they use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to orient themselves to the site – so if they do not view it as easily navigable, they’ll leave, and you’ll lose a possible customer.

We believe your manufacturing company’s website is an extension of your brand/product and is the most distinct platform for your brand voice in the digital world. When you give it clarity and distinction, it becomes the most important part of your sales funnel, sending leads into the right channels to become loyal customers.

So we design your website with the end user in mind.

We create simple, appealing layouts using a smooth, spacious flow to grab the eye and make your soon-to-be clientele stay. The better a page looks, the more attractive it is to a viewer, and more likely they are to adventure further through your site.

We also develop specific landing pages to help drive more conversion, by delivering the exact content your visitors are looking for.


If your site is outdated, your approach to SEO content and development is probably behind on new techniques as well.

Search engines run the internet, working by scanning their web-wide database for the keywords the user is searching; and if your content is not matching hot keyword searches for your manufacturing industry, you’re not going to receive a high enough ranking.

You will be overlooked. If potential clients cannot navigate to the site because they are unable to find it, your product will be left unused, building up in your warehouse.

But say they do manage to find your homepage or product landing page.

Content still needs to engage your readers – copy that is too dry will drive them away. The average user spends approximately 37 seconds reading an article, which means you need to capture their focus so they can take away your key points in that short window of time.

To make sure your future clients reach your site and stay there, we take several key steps in our manufacturing SEO and content solution approach:

– We partner with you to learn your brand voice, uncovering your style and unique sound of industry authority.

– We develop your ideal manufacturing client personas. This allows us to understand better what material will be best suited for your readers.

– We’ll freshen up your content for ease of reading and greater engagement. The best copy is easily scannable and digestible so potential customers can absorb the information quickly and retain it.

– And all content has an SEO-friendly focus for increased page performance on search engines so you can be found and leave an impression.


Email is a great way to keep yourself in the forefront of your customers’ minds, but it only works if they open it.

Email marketing has a reported ROI of 3800%, which means it’s and extremely effective sales tool.

It’s a common practice for manufacturers to send out general company updates and product information as regular email newsletters. That may lead to one or two opens in the beginning, but if the reader receiving them does not see any value in it for themselves, they’ll stop opening them or even unsubscribe, rendering it a useless form of your marketing process.

Or maybe your emails fall in line with the give-them-all-you’ve-got approach: throwing as much information at your subscribers in one email, once a month or once per quarter, and giving them as many calls-to-action (CTAs) as possible in the hope that they will click on at least one of them. Yes, the goal is to get them to click on the CTA, but not only can too many options overwhelm them, it also won’t allow you to gauge the campaign’s responsiveness properly.

And if your content is too dry, there’s no drive for link clickability.

We have a solution for that as well

We create content-driven email marketing with conversational tones to interest and engage your readers and set specific goals to accomplish for each campaign so they’re concise and don’t attack your subscribers with too much information.

Email marketing should be an extension of your sales funnel, based on what you aim to accomplish as well as what your customers want.

And that is what we strive to create.


It can seem like an impossible mountain to climb when there are limited top-spots for ads and a required knowledge base for creating a great manufacturing ad.

It’s reported that when searching for an item with purchasing in mind, 64.6% of people click on Google ads. So if you have a running ad meeting their search requirements, you have a greater chance of them reaching your site.

However, if you don’t have a fluency in Adwords, you are not going to touch those top advertising slots. Google Adwords and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an entirely different advertising language, and unless you’re working with a marketer or an agency with that unique skill set, those top three or four advertising spots are going to be held by your competitors. Those ads are reported to receive 46% of clicks on the page.

We can get you there

We learn who your manufacturing target audience is, so we know how to reach them.

And because more than 77% of search engine users choose Google, we use Adwords to your advantage, creating landing pages specific to manufacturing industry and product keyword groups to drive better leads to your site, no matter their search phrasing


Too many businesses in the manufacturing industry are not employing social media to their advantage because they feel their clients aren’t using it either. Of course, then they’re missing out on the benefits.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is an exceptional way to show web-based movement and actively promote your site.

It’s also a relaxed approach for interacting with customers – 59% of Americans with social media accounts believe customer service through a social platform has made answering questions and resolving issues easier.

So when you aren’t employing social media for your manufacturing business, you’re missing opportunities.

But we can get you active again and manage your pages, so you stay that way. We’ll set a schedule with you for regular postings each week as well as figure out which platforms will be most advantageous to you.

Regular, informative posts will make you a source of knowledge for the manufacturing community, and promoted videos and specials will make sure they know your name and product.


Your brand identity is what people associate with your products and company – it is an iconic portrayal of you.

Nike has the swoosh. Facebook has the lowercase “f.” What do you have?

You are uniquely you – and you need a manufacturing marketing partner who can ebb and flow with your needs, not plug your information into a standard template and send it back to you for a quick approval.

You shouldn’t look like everyone else, and you don’t have to.

We’ll begin by helping you brand or rebrand (wherever you are in the process) your online presence and develop your manufacturing logo, creating a schema to help you stand out and be memorable. This digital design can also be incorporated into print efforts.

Platforms often flow into one another, so we create your designs in a cohesive manner and make them easily transferable. Any advertising efforts which integrate with your branding such as business cards, event advertising, promotional material, and so much more will be noticeable and speak your voice distinctly.

Your branding should bleed into every aspect of your marketing efforts – even efforts you haven’t thought about as marketing, like promotion-specific design.

– Packaging concepts so your customers know just what they’re getting before they even open the box

– Uniform design so your employees can be noticed

– Signage and branded environment

The possibilities are boundless.


We have grown into a visual-heavy society – there’s no getting around it. And content alone isn’t going to cut it anymore. When readers only spend 37 seconds skimming through an article, you need something to hold their attention.

However, just throwing an excessive amount of images, gifs, and video clips onto a web page is not going to fix it.

Quality over quantity is still a key factor for viewers. They want imagery with visual value as well as substance.

We’ll create engaging, visual content for manufacturers to hold potential customers’ focus through professional, clean imagery for every platform and original videos, covering the format for all of the most popularly viewed topics.

– How To & Instructional – Information delivered through video is proven to have a higher retention rate than written content alone.

– Testimonials – Potential customers are looking for confirmation that a product works, and they’re more likely to trust the affirmation of someone just like them.

– Who We Are – People want to view a company as relatable and personable, and one of the best ways to do that is through a video showing them who you are and what you do.

– Product InformationFour times as many consumers would rather watch a product video than read about it. Why not use that to your advantage?


Creating a powerful, winning digital marketing campaign in the manufacturing industry should not be an unpleasant experience. And with Bitboyz Digital, it isn’t.

We’ll walk alongside you through every step of the journey and do all the heavy lifting – you can concentrate on your business and manufacturing products, and we’ll be your internet megaphone.

And as a local, Cleveland-based company, we are easily accessible should you have any questions or concerns.


Come create with us.

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