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You want to concentrate on your customers, not your web presence. We get it.

However, in a world where 70-80% of consumers search out a company on the internet before using their services, you can’t slack off on your online platforms.

That’s where Bitboyz Digital comes in.

We work with professional service companies to develop their digital marketing strategies and execution. Our team covers a score of concepts merged into one cohesive package that’s designed to deliver your brand clearly across every platform:

– Web Design

– SEO Content & Development

– Email Marketing

– Pay-per-click (PPC) & Adwords

– Social Media Management

– Graphic Design

– Video Production & Photography



There will never be enough hours in the day, week, month, or year to build your business on the ground level and design, develop, and manage a website.

Or at least not do it well.

Because of the lack of time left to dedicate to it, many professional service sites have been left unattended or underdeveloped for too long.

When it was created, it may have been well thought out and useful, especially if it was designed by a professional; but if it’s the same design you have had for five to ten years, it’s no longer doing you any good. What was once considered user-friendly and inviting is now often viewed as static and clunky.

Most of your potential customers will visit your site before they ever call you. That means your website is your first impression for the majority of your clients. If it isn’t done well, you might not get a second chance.

Another problem is navigation. If a visitor can’t find the service they are looking for quickly, they’re going to move on to your competitor. You have to grab them right away.

Enter, Bitboyz Digital.

We know your website is a core part of your sales funnel, acting like your best salesperson. It should show who you are, what you do, and why you do it best.

Your site should be designed with your goal clientele in mind. They’re the ones you’re trying to reach – they’re who the site is really for.

So we want to produce something that not only keeps their interest and tells them who you are, but something they can find as well. To solve the problem of getting lost in the vast space of internet searches, we create specific landing pages geared to the keywords they’re searching, so they always find you, no matter their keyword choices.

Because there is little in life that is more frustrating than having a possible customer find your site and then promptly leave because they cannot navigate it or feel the layout is unappealing, we’ll design something with a natural, aesthetic mapping – something comfortable to navigate, something easy to look at.

Older websites were often designed during the pre-smartphone era, meaning either you couldn’t access the site from a mobile device or the mobile platform looked entirely different than its computer-friendly sibling. Our responsive designs communicate efficiently with mobile access, giving you uniformity, so your brand is the same on any platform.



When you write content in-house without experience, one of two things (or possibly both) will happen:

1) You are going to end up writing with yourself as the audience, not your customers, or

2) Everything is going to sound like a sales pitch.

These are both major issues for a company in the service industry.

People do not want to be sold to – they want to be related to.

And you only have 37 seconds to do that. Thin content – phrases such as, “Trust us,” or “We’re the best” – not only creates a question mark in customers’ minds, but Google and other search engines also tend to look past it.

These search engines are looking for rich content, laden with keywords and a length that will prove you to be an authority figure in the industry.

There’s also the struggle of needing articles and page content to be easily skimmable and memorable for readers.

To fix this, we start by gaining an understanding of your brand voice. We’ll develop your ideal client personas so we know exactly to whom your content should be tailored.

We’ll then brighten up your website copy with a conversational tone full of SEO-friendly terms to please readers and appease search engines.

Your blog will be taken from short-form, hit-or-miss articles to longer, story-form articles full of focus words in a easy-to-read-and-retain structure to satisfy Google as well as your readers’ appetites. This marks you as wholly knowledgeable in your field, sparking interest for potential clients to return over and over.



Email is a whole separate head of the marketing hydra-monster. When it is not done correctly, it has zero effect on your audience, causing a pointlessness to the project and wasting your money.

It’s been reported that open rates are increasing, but click-through-rates – the part that really matters for your marketing campaign – are decreasing. Part of the issue is confusing layout; another is overuse or underuse of calls-to-action (CTAs).

Readers can get lost in the myriad of CTAs, and instead of just picking one and clicking on it, they close out of the email altogether, never to return. If there’s none at all, it’s too easy for them to exit out of the message and completely forget they ever received it in the first place – and forget about you.

Monthly newsletters are fine, but if you wait to send all of your information like new employee announcements, special offers you’re running, website updates, tips or hacks, etc. all at once, you are going to overwhelm them.

Our solution is to start with content-driven marketing. We devise conversational emails, so your customers feel like you wrote it specifically with them in mind.

These clean, concise, digital letters drive your readers right into the arms of your end game: your website and your services. Your email marketing program is undoubtedly part of your sales funnel, and we help it function at its peak performance.



Almost two-thirds of people click on Google ads when searching for goods and services.

If you aren’t using Adwords correctly, you are not going to reach an advantageous advertising spot. You’ll fall to the bottom of the page if you even make it onto the page at all.

Fact: searchers can’t find you if you’re not being promoted effectively.

We can get you to where you need to be: the top.

Top spots not only get the most clicks out of all the Adwords ads, but they receive almost half of the clicks on the page; there’s also a valuable benefit to reaching the top – on average, businesses make $3 for every $1.60 they spend on Adwords alone.

By focusing on active keywords and key phrases for your industry, we use Google Adwords to your advantage.

And because we take the time to learn who your target audience is, we determine how to reach them more comprehensively.



It is a truth not universally known that social media directly affects your SEO rankings.

Too many professional service companies fall into two categories:

1) No social media pages. At all. You view them as a waste of time.

2) You have one or more social media pages which were created when Facebook and Twitter started to take off, but you haven’t kept up with them. Your last post or tweet was from a year ago if that.

If either of those applies to you, you have a remarkable amount of missed opportunities on your hands.

So many consumers prefer social media platforms as a means of communicating with a company from a customer service standpoint. In fact, 59% of Americans with social media accounts feel that it has made it easier to have their questions answered and their issues resolved.

Challenge: if you do have an account on a conversational platform like Facebook, see how many unanswered questions, concerns, and complaints you have.

Our answer is simple with a flair: we increase your activity with creative techniques.

We’ll figure out which platforms will be most beneficial to your business and then set a schedule and post regular updates for you so you never fall behind, monitoring each page for customer interaction.

Developing your activity is key. We want you to be a fountain of knowledge for the community, so they put their trust in you when the time comes.

We also promote custom videos and specials to help your audience learn your name and remember you when they need your services – which is the whole concept of your online presence.



Your identity is directly linked to what you offer and your customer service. Or at least part of it is.

The other part is your branding: your logo, your colors, how you look and sound. So how does the community perceive you?

No other service company is just like you, so why should you look just like them? Your marketing partner should recognize your difference and meet those needs.

Your brand should match your culture and your services, and we can help you do that – starting with your logo design. You put it on everything your clients are going to see, so you want it to be something you are proud of.

We also recognize that everything links up – everything overlaps. That includes your digital and print advertising. To make that work, we incorporate digital with print, so everything is cohesively aligned, making your life that much easier.

Of course, billboards and Google ads are not the only way to advertise your business. Every time your service experts go into the field, you have the opportunity to promote your services to those around them. We’ll create:

– Uniform design so your service experts are recognized as part of your family;

– Packaging design so your customers know the delivery is from you, even before they open it;

– Signage for branded environments;

– And more.

There are endless opportunities.



Images and movement are the first things viewers will notice about your page; we have turned into a society with visual cravings, and it shows on the internet. If you have low-quality graphics or videos, you are going to turn them off before they even start reading about your services.

Research states more and more consumers want to see a boost in video rather than written content. But not any video or picture will do.

Quantity is no substitute for quality when it comes to your online presence.

We will develop aesthetic visual content to engage the viewer and garner their interest in your services. Professional, inviting imagery is brought to each and every platform.

While video has become well regarded over the course of the last few years, internet users are still picky about the format of video content, so we focus on the best-received topics:

– How To & Instructional – This type of data delivered through video is proven to have a higher retention rate than stand-alone written content.

– Testimonials – Your future customers are looking for validation that your service is what they need, and they are more likely to trust the confirmation of someone just like them.

– Who We Are – People want to view a company as relatable and personable – they want a relational bond – and one of the best ways to do that is through a visual demonstration showing them who you are and what you do for them.

– Product InformationFour times as many consumers would rather watch a product video than read about it. Why not use that to your advantage?



There’s no reason a compelling, successful digital marketing campaign in the professional services industry should feel like a stressful undertaking. With Bitboyz Digital, it doesn’t have to be.

We’ll walk with you through every step of the journey and do all the heavy lifting – you can concentrate on your business and customers, and we’ll be your digital megaphone.

And as a local, Cleveland-based company, we are easily accessible should you have any questions or concerns.


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