Resolve to Improve Your Social Media Presence in the New Year

Boost the Quality of Your Business’s Social Media in 2017

We’re jumping into January, a time for resolutions, with some ideas on how to tap into social media success in the new year:

  1. Post with a clear plan. Your social media presence is part of your overall marketing strategy. Without clearly defined goals and a thoughtful plan for your posts and presence, how will you measure your success? Resolve to develop a social media plan and calendar if your business doesn’t have one—and if your business has a plan, resolve to stick to it.
  2. Customize your message for each social media site. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn each have unique strengths and different audiences. Blasting the same post to each stream feels automated and impersonal. Resolve to understand how people communicate on each network and modify your messages to fit those patterns.
  3. Stay social. When customers ask questions on your social media pages, return their messages thoughtfully and promptly. Engage with your followers in a way that reminds them that your social media presence is not a machine for advertisements, but a resource for them to utilize. Resolve to talk to, not at, your followers.

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