Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Y2K Called. It Wants Your Website Back.

If you’re old enough to remember what websites looked like in the late ‘90s, you probably recall how text heavy and full of gross fonts they were. Fast forward into the early 2000s and you’ve got the height of Adobe Flash, the original multimedia platform for the web. (And need we mention the glittery mess that was MySpace?)

These days, we’re all so used to operating our lives and businesses through our mobile devices that it’s hard to believe the first iPhone only hit the market in 2007. Even so, all too many businesses are still running their websites as if it’s the turn of the millennium. If your website is not easily accessed, viewed and interacted with on a mobile device, here are some sobering facts for you to consider:

• Mobile vs. Desktop: U.S. digital media intake on mobile devices surpassed that of desktop devices in 2014. As of reports from October 2016, the percentages were at 51% for mobile vs. 42% for desktop, and mobile continues to see gains. (Remaining percentages are in the category of “other connected devices.”)

• Time Spent on Screens: From .4 hours on mobile to 2.4 on a desktop or laptop computer in 2010, people now spend on average around 2.8 hours on mobile devices while the time on computers has remained unchanged. The key here is not only the fact that mobile time has grown significantly, but that mobile users are also viewing digital media on a vertical screen, not a horizontal one. This is why you keep hearing about the importance of being mobile friendly.

If you haven’t yet adopted a website platform that works across platforms to be functional for any user, any time, using any device, you are missing the boat. Conversion rates on mobile are still significantly lower than on desktop devices and lack of mobile-friendliness likely plays a big role in this.

Bottom line: If your site isn’t featuring the latest design updates that allow for maximum accessibility, your business is suffering for it.

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