Social Media Management Tools: Getting Started

Streamline Your Business’s Social Media Management

Social media management tools are apps and software designed to help individuals and businesses streamline their social media management. These tools range from dashboards to scheduling assistants to social-listening software and they can small business stay on top of a variety of channels.

Should I add a social media management tool to my workflow?
If you often feel like you spend too much time across all of your business’s social media pages crafting posts, listening to your unique audiences, and trying to understand trends, then yes! A social media management tool will help you accomplish your goals in a more streamlined workspace.

Where do I start?
Starting might be the most difficult step, as you have an almost endless stream of options when it comes to social media management tool choices. Many popular, easy-to-use apps like Hootsuite and Buffer available in pared-down version for free. Try out these simple free apps first.

To dig deeper, ask members of your networks what kind of tools their organizations use and watch digital marketing blogs. Social media management tools add features in response to frequently changing social media platforms, so keep an eye on updates published by each company if you’re looking for a specific feature.

What’s the best social media management tool?
After you’ve gotten the swing of the basic functions and concepts of social media management tools, you can identify what your organization needs, try out a few software options, and check out PC Mag’s list of recommendations to find a robust solution for your business’s social media marketing plan.

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