Tracking Your Marketing Success with Google Analytics

Ensure Marketing Effectiveness by Analyzing Your Strategies

You’ve made significant changes to your marketing strategies in order to bring more visitors to your website. You write weekly blog posts with targeted keywords. You are paying—weekly—for boosted and targeted Facebook ads in order to reach the right customers. You updated your clunky, early 2000s website to a fresh, mobile-friendly and responsive design. You’re doing everything right by the marketing guru’s standards—but how on earth do you measure your success?

Using Google Analytics to track and analyze the traffic to your company’s website is one way to measure the impact of new marketing and redesign efforts. Google Analytics allows you to take a look at who your web visitors are (and how many of them there are), where they come from, how long they stay on your site, and whether or not they make purchases. When measured over time, this data allows businesses to track digital success. With Google Analytics, you can:

  • Understand the flow of user behavior. Where do your visitors start on your website? The home page? A Google search? The targeted Facebook ad you paid for this week? Through the keywords you added to your weekly blog posts? Google Analytics will help you understand how users got to your site and identify if the pushes you’re making to increase traffic are to credit for this success.
  • Create custom campaign URLS. If you’re interested in tracking the success of a specific campaign, a custom URL is vital for tracking engagement to said campaign. A unique URL means that campaigns can be parsed from one another, and you’ll know which strategies worked to bring in visitors on a more granular level.
  • Deliver yourself a weekly report. Save yourself time without sacrificing the data. Google Analytics allows you to send yourself a snapshot of data from a specific time period—and you can customize what’s delivered to you.
  • Identify pages that perform poorly. So, you’ve indicated the pages that bring in the customers, the links your visitors like to visit over and over again, and the pages that result in conversions—that’s great! It’s also important to identify the pages that your visitors don’t ever see so you know where to focus improvement efforts.

Ultimately, information is power. Understanding which parts of your site work to create successful conversions allows you to remove the guesswork from your digital marketing strategies.

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